British Cultural Values Curricular Poetry 17/18  

Aiming to teach a million young people about
 'Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law and Democracy'


All prices quoted are INCLUSIVE of an individual school's contributions towards international travel and local accommodation. Prices do not include local travel expenses, daily subsistence allowance, or local taxes where applicable.

- School Assembly: An Introduction to Spoken Word Poetry

A poet-led presentation involving the performance of a number of original pieces of the poet’s own work + an explanation of the ‘history’ of spoken word poetry, both in the UK and elsewhere.

Opportunities exist (if required) for audience participation and/or a Q&A session to be incorporated.

Approx 1 hour Only available as part of a package of 1 or more days



- One-day Workshop: Whole Year Group/Cohort - Option A                £675
A poet-led workshop involving up to 150 students for the entire day. The same group of students work with the poet to

move ‘from page to stage’ in one day!

Package details:     Full day - max 6hrs approx (excluding breaks)

Age Range and Group Size:    7 years and above; up to approx 150 students



- One-day Workshop: Whole Year Group/Cohort - Option B                £675

A single-session poet-led workshop (1 - 1.5hrs each), working with one class at a time, is re-run with all classes in

a year group/cohort. The session teaches some beatboxing and performance poetry techniques.

Package details:     Full day - max 6hrs approx (excluding breaks)

Age Range and Group Size:    7 years and above; up to approx 150 students



- Week-long* Package: “From Page to Stage to Slam!”                        £3,500        

* Actual duration of package can be adapted to suit individual school’s requirements.

A programme of workshops and sessions designed to help participants move from complete beginner to confident performance poet, culminating in a showcase or slam poetry competition MC’d by the poet. Precise details can be negotiated to suit your school’s requirements.

There is also the option for staff development and/or parent workshops to be built into this programme.

Package details:     5 x full days   +   1 x evening show   +   1 x weekend/ after-school parent or staff workshop

Age Range and Group Size:       Negotiable


Link to 21st century skills and literacy skills:

- Teamwork

- Creativity

- Initiative

- Problem-solving

- Critical thinking

- Oral & written communication skills  

Most of all, our workshops are GREAT FUN and always offer a huge boost to the participants' self confidence. We urge them to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to challenge their notions of self; in this way, every child leaves our workshops a slightly bigger and better version of who they were before.